Welcome to my site


I work on various things here and there; from quick toys to large systems, It's nice to work on stuff in my spare time. Sometimes, I even post them publicly. To see a list of my projects, see the projects page.

(I am not responsible for bodily harm caused by reading the projects page)


I play games (who doesn't these days?); from PC games to arcade games, and everything in-between, I take interest in both mainstream and the unique. Chances are, you're here because you somehow relate to me via video games (But if you aren't, I won't judge you).


Ayy, look Ma! I'm on TV!
It's me, the weirdo furry programmer person, who eats nothing but garbage food and sleep at kind-of-weird times. This is my website; It isn't that interesting really, but it's a good place to shelve things.